Thursday, July 29, 2010

In The Beginning....

Hello everyone! How is your summer going? Mine has been busy as heck and it is flying by.

And since it's hot as Hades down here where I live, I took the opportunity to stay in the A/C and did some deep de-cluttering of my house.

While going through boxes, I found these very old photos of cakes I made about 23 years ago , at the time of my first classes. What a fun surprise to have found them, and to look back at the old days!

These are the actual class cakes. My brother Michael took the class with me. He is such a cool guy. You have met him before here and here. I think mine are the two on the right. The class was given at a local cake supply shop, and would be the equivalent of Wilton 1 and 2 , I would guess.

A sheet cake I did shortly after. The flower basket is made like those panoramic eggs with a mold and granulated sugar. I think that started my infatuation with molds.

Proof that at one time I could make a buttercream rose that was halfway decent.

Ah, my famous rough icing that I use when I do not want to bother with smoothing the cake. Freehand writing could use a little work, LOL.

I remember bringing this baby shower cake to work at the hospital where I worked at the time. All plastic decorations..... haha

A baby rattle......

Notice that you can see the cake through the icing. I had not perfected my icing technique yet. :)

I seem to have been fascinated by plastic decorations. Tried my hand at block writing since my script left something to be desired.

It tickles me to look back and see how my skills have progressed. There are a lot of good memories tied to these cakes as well, as I did them all for friends and family.

Do you guys have old cake pictures you look at from time to time?

To celebrate all of our humble beginnings, and because it has been way too long.......


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Good luck!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to Basics DVD

The new Back to Basics: Baking for Cake Decorating DVD is at the presses and we anticipate to start shipping in about two weeks!

UPDATE: Things are moving faster then we expected and we MAY be shipping next week!

You can read more about it, watch a video clip,
and place your order HERE


I am very busy with preperations for and making a huge cake for the 25th anniversary party hubby and I are throwing for ourselves. Hey, no one else is going to do it!

I will post lots of pictures and give you all the inside scoop next week.

Have a great weekend!