Sunday, October 18, 2009

DVD Shoot

Hi friends!

I have been working hard these last 2 weeks getting ready for our new DVD. We are filming tomorrow and Tuesday. Wish me, Wendy, Todd and Trish good luck and pray I do not screw up anything!

I am very excited about our new project, and will give you more details later. If you received our newsletter a while back asking your opinion about the next two DVD topics, I can tell you it is one of those two topics. And we are going to have a Name the DVD Contest in the upcoming weeks so put your thinking hats on and start coming up with fun creative titles for those 2 topics. You might win a free copy of the new DVD!

Back to work for me! I will try to post some behind the scenes pictures later this week.

Have a great week everyone!



Julie Reid said...

Ohhhh!! I can't wait!!

Janel Waters said...

NEWSLETTER?!?!?!?!?! What newsletter!!! I never hear of no stinkin newsletter!!!

I would LOVE to enter the contest, however, I didn't get this newletter you speak of - so I don't know the 2 mystery topics to start thinking of.

Please elaborate..... or you could just come right out and tell us... haha!!

googlegirl said...

Can't wait Sharon! Your techniques ROCK!! Thanks for sharing!

Niccicola said...

Specialty Techniques For Sheet Cakes


Baking Basics

You can subscribe to her newsletter through If you go to the home page, on the bottom left is a little box that says "Get Email Updates" and you can put your addy in there.

Karolyn said...

I'm looking forward to it...good luck!

Gayla said...


Can't wait, I would love to have a DVD of both topics! Good luck! Keep us posted!!!

Jacqui said...

Darn, I want to know what the 2 topics could be. I am sure that I will love them though.

Good luck I hope it goes well

Bryna said...

Along with Janel, I was unaware of said newsletter... Please don't count us out of it all! :)

Rylan said...

I can't wait as well! I wonder what the DVD is about! I'd LOVE to know!

Good luck with the filming!

Uniqueask said...

I too can't wait to see what topic you chose i hope it is the Speciality techniques for sheet cakes,

Good luck with your filming.