Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cricut Cake Class and Winners!

Hello Sugar Friends!

SugarEd Productions and Sweet Ideas the Cake Shoppe will be hosting a 2 day Cricut for Cakes class.

Taught by the incomparable Sweet Southern Ladies, Martha and Becky.

Come learn all about the new rage in cake decorating: how to use the Cricut scrap booking machine to make appliques to embellish your cakes.

August 1-2, 2010
Robert, LA

Please email Wendy for all the details:


Winners of the DVD idea contest are:

The Sugary

Thank you all for entering your ideas and email us to claim your prize at


We are off to the DC area this weekend to vendor at the NCACS Cake Show. Please come see us if you are in the area!

The Bleeping TLC cake post will be up next week, I am still working on it. That's a lot of photos to resize and upload!

Everyone have a wonderful, sweet and delicious weekend and I will check in with you all next week!



MarthaT said...

This will be an amazing class and I can't imagine anyone regretting it afterward. I had a 6-hour class with Becky and Martha in Austin and they rock! As a matter of fact, I think this is one of my photos from our class! Two days with these amazing ladies, Sharon AND cricuts? I sure wish I could be there!!

Martha in Texas

Nancy Smith said...

I bought my cricut and have been practicing letters and getting the gum paste right. I wish I could be there for the class but too far away. I took the Sweet Sisters class last year at the NCACS.

I look forward to meeting you in person Sharon at the NCACS tomorrow!!!

Cyndi said...

Seriously? You can use a cricut for cake decorating? I've always wanted one, here's my excuse to get one! :)

I'm sad I live so far away and I'm busy that weekend.

Will you post something afterwards with instructions or a demonstration? I'd even pay for a DVD of the class.

Morgan Garrison said...

They are coming out with a cricut just for cakes, here is a link

It isn't out yet according to the site. I didn't know you could use the regular cricuts for cakes, I had been wondering if it would work. I guess it does, that is awesome!

The Lil Cakehouse said...

I think you can use the regular cricut and make templates also!!

Sharon, I finally caught up on all your blog posts :) I am a new follower, so I needed to get on track---whew! I had no idea you posted tutorials! WOOHOO!! Are you going to be at the OK Sugar Arts Show? I'm an okie and would love to meet you in person!

Lecia (Lisa)

Elins Altmuligblogg said...

Looks like a cool cake.. See that I have to wish for something like this :D

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