Tuesday, April 27, 2010



I am competing with myself to try to reach a donation level I have set in my head... so as added incentive for you guys.... not only will we have the $200 shopping spree winner, but I will pull 5 names from the entries to win a free copy of the NEW DVD coming out this summer! Buy your tickets now, Friday is the last day!

And you do not have to spend the whole $200 at once; you use the credit over time at your leisure.

Thank you!


googlegirl said...

Are you close Sharon? How much more?

Adele said...

I got your back girl, and am also supporting Aidan!
Thanks for your generosity and spirit to support this wonderful boy!

Anonymous said...

Done! Thanks for taking this need so seriously and doing something about it!!!

Melissa said...

This is great!! We just had a baby in our town this week fall into a pool and is not doing good. I hope you reach your goal!!