Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Organization Tips


What are we to do with all our great cake toys? Has it taken over your house? I recently posted about my cake space and how I organize my supplies. I asked you guys to send in organization/storage tips that have worked for you. I will share those with you now.

Weirkd says : I got this idea from a gal that took a class with me. She had cart on wheels that was made for either scrapbooking or crafts that she got at Michael's. It had a handle on it with wheels and folded up like a piece of luggage. It had so many compartments in it! It was a great idea!I also like the rolling bins that they also sell at craft stores. You can put labels on the outside of them so you know exactly what is in which drawer without digging threw it all!

Eventually I will have all my cutters in individual Ziplocs with its corresponding veiners and labeled & alphabetized.

I keep my dusts in a small Rubbermade container that is actually made for school supplies like pencils. And you can use the long skinny containers that are made for spaghetti for your floral wires! You can have one for each size if you'd like!


SharonG says: I have all my things in my kitchen, so there isn't much room. I do try to keep my stuff organized as best I can. One thing that has been helpful for me is 7 drawer cart with rollers I got at Wal-Mart for around $20.00. This doesn't hold everything, but it has been great for me to put the things in that I use the most. I am able to pull it up to the area I am working at, and it is quicker for me to get to them

Fiddlesticks says: I use a tall/large rolling cart that I keep inside of my walk in pantry!


KDweir says: I have a great idea about how to organize everything though. I'm a big fan of the Rubbermaid stuff also. Walmart has great deals on different sized bins with lids. If I ever get around to it, I want to organize my cutters and veiners by putting them in baggies with the label of what they are on them. Then have an A-Z card and have them alphabetized within the container. I also know people that put little pictures on the outsides of the containers or a list in an envelope attached to it so they can pull the list and see whats inside without having to tear through it all.

Also found helpful is a wooden insert that my husband got me from Kohls I believe. It fits inside your drawers and sections off everything for you. Then you can put whatever in each little space. I found this better for my pencil/junk drawer then my cake stuff. The little cubbies is kind of too small for my cake stuff!

Sharon says: A multi-compartment pencil/pen holder from the office store is a great place to put your gumpaste tools, knifes, small roller, tweezers etc. Easy to see what you have and grab what you need.

Use extra cabinet space (if you have any) to store cake mixes so they don't take over your pantry.

Try to remember to consolidate colored fondant scraps into one bucket and get rid of extra buckets to save space.

Thanks to all of you who submitted tips; all great ideas!

Happy caking,


Snooky doodle said...

Nice tips. thanks

Bryna said...

In my basement I use two dressers to organize all of my cookie cutters and cake pans. Granted, I'm not using them as often as I'd like, but it works for me.

Jana said...

I'm a stacker. I stack things in a very specific way so that if I need something on the bottom, I dont need to unstack anything, just pull it out. All of my cake boards/cardboards are stacked according to size. My pans are laid inside themselves, as do mixing bowls. I have one drawer just for scrappers and spatulas and a small 3-drawer organizer for tips, cutters, colors, and printouts of fonts which I use as reference for writing.
This isn't physical organization, but I also store all of my recipes on google docs incase I can't find the website or cookbook where I got it.