Monday, June 15, 2009

Reader's Cakes ... Take two!

Hey Guys!

It's time for more eye candy
submitted by our wonderful blog readers!


Sharon, I wanted to drop you a line to say that I really enjoyed your topsy turvy DVD. You are so meticulous! I also wanted to thank you for your tutorial on your blog that shows how to do a tilted cake. I tried it with a few modifications and what's funny is that my middle tier ended up looking practically level, much like your top tier. There is something funny going on!Attached is a picture of the cake if you'd like to see it.Take care and keep the great blog posts coming!-Tish


Wanted to show you my latest wedding cake that I "backed" into. Notice how straight the sides are....even on the octagon cake...and level tops...thanks to the buttercream DVD. Leaps and bounds better than they would have been. Thanks, Sherry


Skunar submitted her adorable sea cake!


I just wanted to show you my first attempt at a box cake using the techniques you show in your video. I just wanted to show you what I learned. Normita


I did this one for my personal trainer Saturday. They got married in Florida a few weeks ago, and had a reception at her mom's house here. I tried to make the bears look like the clothes they were wearing. Low sugar cake (I used the Pillsbury Splenda yellow, and the Splenda Chocolate), sugar-free cinnamon cream cheese filling, sugar-free chocolate mouse filling (the recipe on your blog).

I watched the stacking dvd the night before to refresh my memory. Thanks, Sharon.



Hey Sharon, I wanted to send a few of my cake pictures using the Boxes & Bows & Flawless Fondant DVD!

Thanks for sharing this knowledge with the rest of us!!! You are awesome!!! And I could not have gotten this type of quality work achieved without much more years of research and experience, but because of your DVDs I feel like a pro and at only 4 years of cakin experience. Thanks again, you have a relocated yankee friend here in NC!
-- Sincerely, Maria C


Let me just say that I buy all of your DVD's...they have helped out sooo much!

I just recently did a Tiffany box style wedding cake and I was so excited about the cake and your boxes and bows dvd...I couldn't wait to make this cake. If you hadn't made this dvd, this cake would have not been as successful as it was. I got so many compliments from all over. I have never had a reaction to a cake like this. So I thank you for time that you put into these dvd's...I can't wait for the topsy turvy one!

I attached a picture of the cake


Hi Sharon,
I just went to your site and saw that you have a few cakes people have sent you to show what they had created using your DVD's. I thought I would share mine with you as well. Keep up the great work. I have already purchased the buttercream and fondant dvd's. Next will be the topsy turvy! Thanks a bunch, Tammy


Thanks! Here's another cool one I just delivered (smooth roads the whole way, no bulges..Yay!) And I am really excited, I am testing out your boxes and bows video on a cake for a fundraiser! I'll send you the pictures!



Hi Sharon,

Here's my fish cake from the class in Pearland.


Here's the cake I did today. Your next video should be about how to make cakes and still find time to take care of the family, stay in touch with friends, work another job to pay the bills, take care of the dog...oh, and take care of myself! Time for rest and then it all starts again tomorrow morning...

Best to you!



I'm sending this in for the blog pics even though it isn't from any of the DVDs. I actually used your instruction from the Cherry Cake in your Lagniappe (please don't make me find the proper spelling for that) to make the vase. I used ganache for the first time under fondant and loved it. I then used some fondant to smooth the cake and that worked awesome too!!! I was going to use the foam at the bottom but just used the Wilton soccer ball pan instead since I wanted to maximize my cake real estate for the teacher's I made it for. Those are the sugar flowers I fell in love with making. Even if it doesn't make the blog I just wanted to share this beautiful cake I made that is a direct result, AGAIN, of your generosity! Everyone at my son's school thought it was real! Hilarious!

Take care!
Jennifer R.


Per your request, here are some pics with cakes I created using the Boxes and Bows DVD (I set up my laptop on the kitchen counter and worked in virtual "real time" with your instruction). They came out beautiful for an Easter birthday (hence the color choices) for twin boys.
The yellow cake is from my cake class but here is where you come in. I had already purchased and viewed Flawless Fondant a few times. In class our instructor advised us that you didn't need to worry about smoothing your BC because it wasn't going to be seen and we would be smoothing with our hands afterwards. Well, having purchased and viewed Flawless Fondant - I knew better! I smoothed my BC and used fondant smoothers to smooth the cake after applying my MMF. Needless to say, my cake turned out much better than the instructors and other students who followed her instructions. You could definitely see the bumps and deformities in the cakes that weren't a product of having viewed Flawless Fondant.
Put me on the preorder list for the surprise new DVD that's forthcoming!!!!
Thanks and take care!


Hey Girlie!
Here is the cake! I really can't wait until I can order the whole series!
Talk to you soon!


The ball cake was of course an attempt to recreate your ball cake for a 2 yr old who liked any kind of balls. As you can see you have really made an impression on me. I love your videos and personality. I can't wait to see what video is next.



SO~ on with the "thank you so very much your methods have made a huge improvement in my cakes. I can't possibly thank you enough. That wedding cake was, for me, a DRAMATIC improvement, in technique, smoothness, stability, edges, tier-height, everything. I just wanted to say thanks for making the DVD's and sharing your wealth of knowledge. Stephanie


Gold Wedding Cake:I used two of your DVDs for this! The Art of Buttercream, and Successful Stacking. I loved the lagniappe sections that helped me with the ribbon boarder and quilting with the impression mat. People actually thought my cake was fondant! The bride and groom loved it, and I couldn't have done it without your DVDs (or maybe 20 years experience :D ).-Rocket


WOW! You guys are seriously kicking cake butt! Makes a mamma proud! (sniff sniff). Keep up the awesome work!


Right now I am working on.... no, consumed with..... no, utterly obsessed with............ a cake I am planning for. It's top secret, so I can't say too much, but I can tell you it involves the use of electricity in 3 forms. Please save me from myself. Why do I get myself into these things?

(No, it is not a TV cake challenge. It is a real cake order.) :)

Hey, let me know how you guys like Topsy Turvy. Please don't be afraid to post on your favorite cake board about it if you like it. I won't mind! ( I am so shameless, please forgive me.)

Happy caking everyone!


Janel Waters said...

These cakes are AMAZING!!! I have been busy testing new cake recipes and have done much decorating - I do however have 2 cakes coming up at month end. I will definately send you pics.

Heather said...


Desert Rose said...

I'm gonna have to send you my cake pictures too :D
be careful with the electricity now!
It was soooo sweet to read your blog again!its been a while since you posted :D
good luck with your cake project.
- haniya.

Anonymous said...

Amazing work your kids have done -do you hang these pics on the refrigerator? I wish I could be a big fat LA bug on your wall -I could watch you decorate all day! I'm using your techniques, which I've learned almost subliminally, as I listen to your DVD's while I decorate! Keep 'em coming! -Kim

Niccicola said...

I LOVE the topsy turvy DVD...i just wish I had it last month when my first topsy turvy cake order came through. What a disaster! Now I know...and I think I must complete the collection of DVDs with your 1st 3 (buttercream, fondant, stacking)

DARLENE said...

I have the topsy turvy dvd and have not stop watching it!!! Sharon your video's are the best and the information and details you supply in them are great!!! Thanks for taking the time to share with others your great talent.
God Bless You.

DieR YesdniL said...

My cake made on!!!!

I am missing caking as I am moving and everything is packed p :(