Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ICES Eye Candy

Hi Dudes and Dudettes!

While I am working on my blog post about our trip, feast your eyes on some of these incredible creations. These are all cakes made by attendees, in the cake display room. They come from all over the world, and the work there is just astounding! This is just a tiny sampling of what was there. Enjoy!

My absolute favorite! Not only cuz I adore junk food, but because this cake was perfectly executed. The little guy looked like a ceramic doll.

By the same artist as hamburger cake; she was from Argentina.

Wendy loved these puffy hearts.

Love the side treatments on this one and the beautiful colors.

I am so gunna steal, er....borrow, that applique and lace motif.

This was a dinner plate full of teeny tiny pastries! They were so cute! The little donuts were about the size of my thumbnail.

Incredible detail.

Love this.

Simply stunning.

I love the upside down string work. I want to learn how to do that.

Beautiful color combo and piping.

Adore it. Period.

This cake was amazing. It looked like the real game. Notice how all the words are confection related. Brilliant!

Drop dead amazing.

I will post more soon!


Elins Altmuligblogg said...

Amazing cakes... ooooo I wish I could be there...

Natasha Vaughn, Designer said...

I'm speechless with admiration.

Vicki said...

I think that I will be making a trip to San Diego next year! Thank you for sharing your pictures. Those cakes are inspiring to say the least. :)

Janel Waters said...

SO AMAZING!!!! I am so sad that I couldn't be there - thank you so much for sharing these cakes with us!!

Gayla said...

WOW -- did you just walk around the entire time with your mouth open??? Simply amazing work -- I totally appreciate the artist design of each cake, I'm speechless! Can't wait to see additional photos. Thanks for posting them.

Snooky doodle said...

wow these cakes are amazing!

Dana Brown, Simply Sweets said...

WOW!! thanks for sharing for those of us who couldn't attend. I hope to make it next year when its in CA.

Love the scrabble cake, the black with the polka dot bow, and so many others, can't pick just one.

kdodgen said...

WOW!!! Theses cakes are all absolutely amazing. I have never been to an ICES Convention, but I am already making plans for one in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon

Yes i have to agree with you there were some amazing cakes at the ices 09, how about the gelatin sunflower cake that look like a snowball to me. the demo room had wonderful, wonderful creations. see in hangin 2010. it is a lifetime experience every cake decorator should have the opportunity to attend.

fiddlesticks said...

Amazing cakes... Gorgeous for sure !

TOYIN said...

One day.....LOL!!!!I WILL make it to ICES. I envy you guys!!!!To rub shoulders with such talent hmmmmm.....I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sharon, the artist who made the Hamburger cake is Herminia Castellanos from Venezuela.