Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New DVD Teaser Pics

Hi Sugar Peeps!

We are starting the editing process on our next DVD!

It is chock full of all kinds of great techniques!

Three cakes start to finish plus a lagniappe cake!

Wonder what it is about!

We are hoping for an early 2010 release.

If you think you have an idea, put your thinking caps on. We will be having a name the DVD contest soon!

Hang tight for more details!



Janel Waters said...

you are as evil as chocolate lucky charms!

you do this to torture me don't you????

SugarEd Productions said...

Actually Janel, I really did have you on my mind when I came up with this idea! BWAHAHAHAHAHA (hope you are well)

Janel Waters said...


btw.. I have a title for your mystery DVD - its kinda long, but I like it:

Janel's favorite cake decorator teaches you do something amazing with sugar (who cares what, its SHARON, you know it'll be amazing!)

hope you like it! hahaha!!

Julie Reid said...

Lagniappe SugarEd Style!!! That's a good name for the DVD!!

Thanks for sharing!

Gayla said...

Well at first I thought you accidently downloaded a picture that was out of focus, as a read on I realized that you were just taunting us, very cruel! LOL! Can't wait for this video, even thru the blurred photos I can tell it's gonna be great! Look forward to the contest!

Alicia said...

2010??? Sharon don't do that to us! LOL..we need an early Christmas gift! =)

Jan said...

I have a hatefully slow dial up connection out here in rural Missouri and I sat and stared at the monitor for the longest time waiting for the picture to finish downloading and to clear up. Then it dawned on me...This is Sharon's idea of a joke! All that cussing at the computer was for naught! You are so cruel, making me lose my cool!

cindyS said...

looks awesome, can't wait for the new dvd!!!

DieR YesdniL said...


hmm... hehe.