Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Testimonial Contest!

Greetings Sugar Buddies!

I am so very excited that SugarEd Productions is in the process of getting a whole new revamped website! It is going to be awesome!

It will be easier on the eye, more organized and user friendly.

I am in need of some customer testimonials for the site, so if you are a happy SugarEd customer, and would like to proclaim it to the world, please leave a cleverly crafted testimonial in the comment section here.

All entries will be put into a random drawing for a $20 shopping spree at SugarEd!

Thank you in advance for helping me out!

Happy Caking,



Rita said...

I am the proud owner of every SugarEd Production DVD that has been made and am eagerly waiting for the next one to come out! I am a hobbist cake baker and only make cakes for my very large family and friends. When people come up to me at parties and ask where I learned to do cakes like that and they actually want my business card? I tell them I learned from Sharon's SugarEd DVDs and I know in my heart that my money has been well spent!
Rita-Greer, SC

Karolyn said...

The DVD's and the products from this site have definitely helped me to take my cakes to the next level. I am doing things now that I never could have imagined! I am eagerly awaiting the release of new DVD's so I can learn even more and create more amazing masterpieces!
- Karolyn K.
Philadelphia, PA

googlegirl said...

On top of ordering anything I want from the DVD, to the creating of the cake all from one place, the service was awesome!! It's taken my business from one level, to the next.Thanks Sharon!

Bridgett B said...

Sharons videos have helped me kick it up a notch with my cake decorating. I have all 5 and love all 5. Would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their skills

Anna said...

Sharon's videos are quite thorough and helps you understand clearly how to achieve those amazing results in cake decorating. Her site is fun and informative too. Whether you are a beginner or advanced cake decorator, Sharon has something for everyone. This talented cake decorator is not afraid to share her skills.

You may not live close enough to attend one of Sharon's lessons but there's plenty you can learn and gain from this site. Thanks Sharon!

Martina said...

I recommend every SugarEd DVD both as a good companion for experienced bakers as well as a good choice to those just starting out.

I'm a home baker always looking for ways to keep cakes interesting, so it's been fun learning to play with new ideas. These DVDs are loaded with information, and just what I have been looking for.

Martina K., Germany

Niccicola said...

I have the entire collection of Sharon's DVDs. They have increased my skill level ten-fold as I am now equipped with tips and tricks that turn out near perfect cakes every time. My biggest challenge has been the Topsy-Turvy cakes. Here is a picture of a cake that I did in May, just before Sharon's instructional topsy-turvy DVD came out. http://i449.photobucket.com/albums/qq216/RoanokeCakes/96May162009-TopsyTurvySweet16.jpg I had so many problems with this cake that I almost swore never to do another. A few weeks later, I received the DVD in the mail and after watching it, I realized that it was possible to learn from the mistakes on my first try and I had enough courage to attempt another. Here is a topsy-turvy after watching Sharon's tutorial: http://i449.photobucket.com/albums/qq216/RoanokeCakes/141November152009-Kimberly.jpg?t=1258546046 Even though the second cake was only 2-tiers, I feel so confident that I could pull off a 3-tier topsy-turvy the next time I am asked. Thanks so much, Sharon, for allowing us novice decorators to advance quicker than we would otherwise.

weirkd said...

What cant I say about Sharon and her amazing videos? She has definetly taken my skill level up a notch! Her instructional videos teach you everything you need to be able to not only recreate her amazing cake designs, but be able to apply her techniques to others as well!
Buttercream has never looked so smooth! Thank you Sharon!

Kim Weir
With Sugar On Top, Hurlock MD

Jan said...

I want to address not just your videos, (which I have and love), but also your site, as well. I love the enthusiasm you project right through the monitor screen! Love your sense of humor and delightful style of writing. It is infectious and inspires me to reach higher than I would think possible. My skills have definitely improved and as I reach out of my comfort zone I am very happy with the results. The products you demonstrate with your tutorials are great and it helps having your instructions. Thanks so much for your site...I don't really see what you could do to improve it. (But I am eagerly awaiting what you will do next!)

Jan said...

Incidentally, is it SHIPPING spree, or SHOPPING spree? Hmmmm.

Tiffany Nash said...

Fabulous DVDs with great products that go along with the videos! Clear and precise instructions! Great projects and excellent customer service! I have all the DVDs!

Jane Smith, FL said...

Your instructional DVD's ROCK!!!! You are a true treasure to the cake business. I have two of your DVD's and the rest are on my Christmas list. I want them all! Thanks for all you do and the secrets you show.

Nancy Smith said...

I have all of Sharon's instructional dvd's and I watch them while in my kitchen making cakes. I've only been doing cakes for 1 1/2 years and I have improved so much by practicing the techniques shown in each production. I think Sharon is clear and concise and has done her research on the best techniques. I practice on each cake and they have become smoother, straighter, stronger and safer in stacking. I just tried the recipe for the topsy turvy cake and it's another winner. I have almost every tool from her website and they work very well. I haven't done a box or a bow yet, but I will! I also appreciate the fact that I can email Sharon with any cake decorating question and she answers right away. That's amazing for as busy as she is!!! Plus, I think she is so funny and I enjoy all of her comments about her work. I like that she can laugh at herself. I wish I were closer to be able to take a class from her and hope she'll head out east someday for our NCACS. I am lucky to have Norm Davis close to me to take classes from. But we need Sharon out here!!

I look forward to each blog and for the next DVD. Keep on rocking!! Your fans love you!!!!! I still have much to learn from you.

Thanks for everything, your hard work and efforts are very appreciated. You have a great supportive family too.

The Caretaker said...

I love all of your videos. I am more than excited to see the next one when it comes out. My cakes have def. improved, even after 5 or so years of doing cakes. I am excited to see the new website. I would love to see it cutesy and artsy fartsy just like all your beautiful cakes and work.

tkglenn2002 at yahoo dot com

Gayla said...

Sharon, my first SugarEd purchase was your Perfecting the Art of Buttercream DVD, I have since purchased several other DVD's, tools and equipment from SugarEd Productions and I must say that I am completely satisfied with all of my products. In addition, you are so willing to give pointers and tips both on your blog and via e-mail. I'm one of the e-mailers that I'm quite certain you wished would forget your e-mail address! Your tutorials, DVD's, e-mails, website, blog, etc., have helped me produce beautiful cakes - I'm still a novice, but I know when I purchase one of your DVD's that I'm going to learn a ton so I truly look forward to your new releases and will be the first in line to make a purchase.

I'm so excited about your website upgrade, I think your current website is quite impressive, but I'm sure your upgrade will be awesome!

Thanks for all you do to help us cake decorators! You're my "Cake She-ro!"

DieR YesdniL said...

A must for any cake decorator. One of the best investments I have made to my cake decorating arsenal.

Sharon is adorable and pleasant to watch and she so graciously shares years of tricks from the trade that will take anyone's decorating skills to the next level.

Her dvds save you time and money by taking out the trail and error that comes with trying new techniques.

PS. I moved from Orlando, FL to Sacramento, CA and drove right through your beautiful state on I-10 a few days ago and thought of you! Looking forward to the new DVD!

Janel Waters said...

SugarEd Productions DVDs are a MUST have for every cake decorator, whether you are a hobbiest or a professional.

Sharon has helped take my cakes to a whole new level. I have a confidence that I never had before and every time I rewatch the videos I learn something new.

Sharon is an amazing teacher, every other DVD I have purchased has paled in comparison.

I have recommended Sharon's DVD to other people at least a 100 times and I have never heard of anyone disappointed.

I have also purchased almost every tool that SugarEd has in stock and they are all of the highest quality and the best tools for the job.

Its the BEST money you could EVER spend!!

Janel :)

cindyS said...

i have all of her awesome dvds and recommend them to everyone! the tips and techniques have helped me improve my abilities immensely thus helping my business to grow. i love the way she teaches in real-time. i feel like i am right there in her kitchen receiving a personal class. not only are the dvd's fabulous but the extra tips and sometimes recipes included are just another way that sharon shows that her main reason for doing all of it is to help people who love cake decorating as much as she obviously does. thank you sharon--we love you!!

Audrey said...

Having the DVD's in my cake decorating "tool box" have really made a difference in the way my finished cakes turn out. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to take the credit, knowing that a lot of what I know comes from her! It's great that she is so willing to share her talent with the rest of us - and so glad I welcomed her into my kitchen!

Vanessa said...

Sharons knowledge and assistance have been invaluable to me as a hobbyist caker! The dvd's contain so much information compressed into a usable package, and having access to all of the tools used in the dvds is so convenient. On several occassions I've spoken with Sharon personally, and have always found her to be helpful and encouraging. My cakes wouldn't be the same without her!

Frosted Sensations said...

I love the DVD's, I own all of them. Sharon teaches each step and makes it easy. I only wish I had bought them sooner. They are truly a must have!!

my mlb said...

I am fairly new to Sharon's DVD's, but I'm totally hooked. Every step in her Perfecting the Art of Buttercream DVD was eye opening. I have decorated cakes for 30 years, but sat and watched this DVD on the edge of my seat ~ literally. Thank you Sharon so much!

Morsels By Mark said...

I have all of the SugarEd Dvd's. Sharon is an informative teacher and very fun to watch. I look forward to purchasing each an every dvd she puts out! Her customer service is bar none and she is one of the fastest shippers! Other cake instructors should follow her lead!

Chris said...

My cakes would not be what they are today without ANY of the amazing DVDs from Sharon Zambito! Before buying "Perfecting the Art of Buttercream" I'd spend hours trying to get smooth sides, not to mention crisp edges; now I can have a cake iced and stacked in an hour or less and ready to decorate! These videos are a must for anyone thinking about getting into caking or for anyone wanting to make a great impression on their friends with professional looking cakes!
-Chris Perez
McAllen, TX

Art and Appetite said...

I got a few supplies from SugarEd a while back. She prices are very affordable and shipping was extremely quick.

Sharon is a great business woman.

Jacqui said...

Well I must say that I was a novice before I bought Sharon’s DVD's but since buying all of Sharon’s DVD's I have had the courage to start my own cake decorating business as my work has improved so much. Her techniques work amazing and she really shows you all the details without skipping out any steps. I cannot wait for Sharon's new DVD and will be buying it as soon as it is out.

Jacqui , UK

bk caker said...

Sharon really stands for Sharing, Helpful, Amazing, Rockin' cakes, Outstanding products and Noticeably great talent!!

Cake Addict said...

The Sugar Ed series of instructional DVD's are the best cake classes money can buy! The Sugar Ed DVDs are first class instruction with a price tag that is more affordable than craft store classes. Like many novice decorators, I began cake decorating by taking a class at a local craft store. Boy was I disappointed. The instructor sat in the room with us and had us follow the book. No demonstrations, no instruction! I signed up for the class because I wanted more than just looking at the pictures in a book I could have bought for much less than the class fee! Craft store classes are a gamble, you may get a good instructor or you may not. With the Sugar Ed DVD's you get superior demonstrations with clear explanations every time! Sharon is truly a master decorator and instructor.

Thiara M. Zapata said...

Sharon's videos have increased my skills to a whole new level. I've leaped hurdles I couldn't get past. Sharon's excellent tips are amazing! I have all of her DVD's and her detailed teaching methods can help anyone at any skill level.
Thanks so much Sharon. Looking forward to SugarEd's future DVD's!

Mattie said...

I absolutely love all the DVDs from SugerED Productgion!!! Sharon is so detailed in her work and being such a visual person for learning these are the best DVDs ever!
Mattie, LA

becklynn said...

I highly recommend the SugarEd DVD's! My techniques have greatly improved since watching them. Sharon is an awesome teacher! If you want to improve your skills or learn some new ones, these are the DVD's for you. Worth every penny:)
Can't wait for the new one to add to my collection. Sharon rocks!!

Anonymous said...

I am a very satisfied customer. I have ordered every DVD and most of the tools that are shown in each DVD. I can't say thank you enough. Her videos are just simply amazing. They are very detailed and nothing is left out. She shows you from start to finish. My cakes have went from ok to outstanding thanks to Sharon and her DVD's and tools.

Samona Walker
St. Louis, MO

liz said...

I was a 'craft store' cake decorator. I did my best learning from pictures and practicing. However, after purchasing Sharon's DVDs.....my cakes rival the best bakeries!!!! My butter cream cakes are now smooth as silk and my fondant is truly 'flawless'! Thank you Sharon, for hiding NOTHING in these videos!!!! Novice to professional...you'll benefit from Sugar Ed's products!

Janetlynn said...

If you want to learn cake decorating then these are the DVD's you want! I love all of them and can't wait for the next! I like "watching" the DVD's as much as I like learning from them!

Tracy Auseklis said...

SugarEd Production DVD's are the BEST way to learn basic and advanced cake decorating techniques and tricks! When people ask me where I went to school or how I learned to decorate cakes, I am eager to tell them Sharon's videos! I now own a successful cake decorating business, and I owe a lot to Sharon's videos. They really helped me turn a hobby into a new career! We've never met, but I totally feel like I know Sharon after watching her videos!
-Tracy Auseklis, San Francisco, CA
The Buttercream Studio

Cathy said...

The DVD's are awesome. I have learned so much from watching them. I even will turn them on in the kitchen while I am working on a cake. Sharon is great at explaining what she is doing, and why she is doing it that way. I can't wait for her next video!
Cathy, VA