Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pulling from the Archives


I hope your season is going great and you guys are having lots of fun. What a busy time of year this is! I am so buried in work that I am not making any Christmas goodies this year. So I thought I would pull from the archives and give you guys the links to some older blog posts relating to holiday yummies. Maybe these will refresh your memory and spark some creative ideas you can try out this year.

I wish you all the very happiest of holidays, a blessed time with family and friends, and hope all of your wishes for the new year come true.



Nivia said...

Thank you Sharon. I wish you the same. Have fun :) -Nivia, one of your fans here in the UK.

Dulzura Magica said...

As always thanks for sharing! Merry Xmas and a very happy new year to you and all those you love!
And I'm going to follow Nivia's trend...MarĂ­a(Dulzura Magica) one of your fans here in Puerto Rico.(BTW hope you are able to come down here sometime)

Gayla said...


I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

God Bless!!!

bbytina said...

How in the world do you get your sugar cookies to hold their shape? is it your recipe or is there a trick? I just attempted the candy cane one you did in the past and mine spread so putting the fondant on top will obviously not look at cute as yours.

Janel Waters said...

Sharon, I hope you are finally getting to have a relaxing day. Thank you so much for all that you share and everything that you have taught me this year!

Merry Merry Christmas!!!


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