Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Contest Winners!

Hi everyone!

WOW! What a great response we had to this contest! Thank you all for entering!

By random draw the 6 winners are:

carlakb said...

I can remember the 1st cake I made for my mom becoming a pastor and I proudly brought it to her Church for her celebration; I think I might have embarrassed her w/it? It was a dark purple, didn't know how to pipe yet or smooth my icing, but I really tried. Lol

Julie said...

Wow! You have come a long way! Such an inspiration to all of us novices!

Jenny said...

How fun! It proves that all anyone needs is practice and more practice. I love your cakes and videos. Thank you for sharing!!

aneal said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beginnings with us. I can recall my first class, better yet I can recall the first cake I tried to frost. It was from my Easy Bake Oven.
I love, love, love, your icing. Thanks for taking all the time (years) and perfecting it for us.

courtneyscakes said...

I love the old pictures!! It shows just how far cake decorating has come. I still laugh at my first cakes too and they're only from 3 years ago!! Thanks for posting.

Jen H said...
I can't tell you how much better your post made me feel about my cake decorating progress. Everyone has to start somewhere. It's great to see how someone I admire as a decorator has grown. It gives me hope!

Congratulations to you all and please email me at to claim your prize!


And if those previous photos were not entertaining enough, I found even a few more. These are a little bit further down the road in my decorating career. You can see that I got bolder and braver as time went on! :)

This was done for my son during my star tip phase. I was too scared to try to ice it smooth, so I obviously thought this was a good idea at the time. Look at the left hand side of Pikachu; you can see the rows of stars. I failed to randomize the rows, LOL. This was the first time I transferred an image onto a cake. I took the image to Kinkos and had them blow it up to this size. I cut it out, and laid all the pieces on the icing to make an impression outline to follow. I thought I was hot stuff, and I do recall all of my neighborhood moms making over how great this cake was! HAHA!

Nothing was safe during my star tip phase. If it wasn't moving, I covered it with stars. I am pretty sure I did this one with canned icing too. Might have been Wilton canned buttercream.

This was my first or second fondant cake. I saw a fondant cake in a magazine and knew I wanted to master that. I bought a box of Wilton fondant, read the directions on the back, and went for it. I used a contoured pan (easier to cover), no filling. Sadly piped royal icing lace points and silk flowers. Plastic Wilton turntable. I was on fire!

This was when I discovered colorflow. I guess I wanted to see how many royal icing things on sucker sticks I could jam into one cake without destroying it. Please help me.




This has got to be the worst cake of all time. Canned Betty Crocker frosting tinted puke green. Crappy borders and plastic plants! Yes folks, plastic ivy from the craft store! What in heck's name was I thinking? This was for my hubby's BD, for a family gathering, and I distinctly remember bursting with pride over this one. Somebody pray for me.

Well folks, that is all the old photos I have for now. I enjoyed sharing this trip down memory lane with you all!

Next week we will be at the ICES convention in CA. Please stop by my booth to say hello if you are there!

Happy Caking!


Anonymous said...

Sharon, thank you for sharing and for show me I still have hope to become a great cake decorator as you are!! Good luck at the convention. I must ask you: when are you going to show your anniversary cake? Warm regards from the desert, Joelma

Bryna said...

Besides the fake plants as decor, they REALLY aren't that bad! :)

Sandi said...

I had my star tip phase before I took any classes...trains, snowmen, flowers, and I thought I was soooo clever. Amazing how our taste (and skill!) change over time, and thankfully we have all improved from our early star tip days!