Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hangin' Ten in 2010!

Hey everybody! We are back!

We recently attended the 2010 ICES Convention in San Diego. What a great time we had seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and catching up on all the cool new things happening in the cake world.

It was too far for us to drive this year, so I had to ship all of our stock and my demo supplies ahead, and we all flew up there. (We being me, Wendy, my sisters Janice and Barbara, and my son D.)

Oh man the weather! We were in heaven as soon as we stepped out of the airport. Mild temps, low humidity and beautiful blue skies. So very different from where we live, where it is so hot and humid it is a chore to breathe.

Do you guys recall our adventurous trip last year? My sisters rode in the lap of luxury in the air and their limos, while Wendy, D and I drove a cargo van across the country through about 8 million miles of cornfields. Well, time for payback, sistahs.

Find yer own way to the hotel.

Once we got to the hotel, we unloaded and stopped for a bite to eat. Here are Wendy and I in our Team Diet Coke shirts.

Our crew.

Barb, Janice, me, Wendy, and D in front of our booth.

Our vendor booth with all the stuff.

These are my two selling machines. They were tired from working so hard!

This is my little friend who loves cake decorating, and he is very talented. He came all the way from Canada with his mom to attend ICES. I wanted to take him home.

This is Diane, Connie and Michelle of the Cake Connection. They are very dear friends of ours, and we so look forward to seeing them whenever we can.

It was Connie's birthday, so we surprised her with a cupcake with a little ceramic squirrel on it. Connie has serious squirrel issues, hence her horrified face. I love the expression on Diane's face in this one.

She won't go near the squirrel. LOL

One evening the SugarEd crew went out for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. It was utterly wonderful in ambiance, food and company.

My beautiful Wendy.

The Cherry Hog wanted the cherry from my drink, but she wasn't getting it.


And here are some of the amazing cakes that were on display in the cake room. The talent on display was amazing.

If you ever get the chance to attend an ICES convention, I highly recommend it. It is a weekend of fun filled with demos, classes, displays, shopping and friendship.

Happy caking!


Shaile's Edible Art said...

I didn't get to go ICES convention this year and I see I missed a lot of great cakes to see in the vendor room. I have been to a couple of them and always enjoy it since I learn about something new each time and get to see people I don't see very often and meet new friends. Glad you shared it with us and happy decorating...

Gayla said...

Thanks so much for sharing your experience at the ICES Convention, looks like it was a huge success and tons of talent on display! Hope you had a successful trip as well.

Janice Mary said...

Hey, Sharon, did anyone ever tell you you look like Sarah Palin?

Vicki said...

It was fun meeting you and your son, even though you didn't have anything for my "trick or treat bag"! My son and I giggled at your confused/paniced look as you tried to figure out if we were serious and that you were supposed to have something for our bag..."Maybe I should have candy or something" :)

Jennywenny said...

It was my first time at ices and I had so much fun, I really enjoyed your demo too! Unfortunately I use all butter in my buttercream, but I definitely picked up lots of pointers. I'm also wondering if I can use some of those techniques with ganache...

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