Friday, January 2, 2009

And the Winners are:

The DVD Give-Away winners are:

Winnie N. of VA
Roselyn L. of CT

These 2 lucky winners have won a free copy of both the Design Gallery DVD and Boxes and Bows, which should be released next month if all goes well.

We thank all who entered, and truly appreciate your business. Please stay tuned for more contests and drawings coming in the future!

We are in the final editing stages of Boxes and Bows and it is looking good!

Click here to see more details on the popular Design Gallery DVD.

Happy New Year to all! Stay tuned to our blog for more fun stuff coming up!


1 comment:

SharonG said...

WTG Winners! Congrats on your win!
How sweet and so nice of you Sharon, doing something as this (the contests). I wish you the best of luck also, with the new dvd (Boxes & Bows). I know it will be a huge hit!