Thursday, October 9, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Well, as they say in Hollywood when they finish shooting a movie, it is "in the can!" We spent this week filming our next DVD, Boxes and Bows. It was a crazy busy week, and a bit of a wild ride, but we had a great time getting it all done. We are planning for a January release of this one, and a November release of our "bonus" project. (to be revealed very soon!) We plan to film a DVD on topsy turvys in January or February for a spring/summer release. All dates are still tentative at this point, because all kinds of variables can come up that delay the process or affect the schedule.

This will be our longest DVD yet, probably a full 2 disc set. It is jam packed with tons of information. I show you 4 completely decorated package cakes from start to finish. A different box technique and bow is presented in each design. And of course we have some lagniappe items thrown in too! I put my heart and soul into it, and I think you guys are really going to like it. It will be a very complete lesson on everything boxes and bows!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to my wonderful Wendy. There would be no SugarEd DVDs without her. She is an amazing cake decorator and a wonderful friend. She has been here for every minute of every one we have shot. She takes 12-15 hour days away from her family to help me. And help me she does. She is invaluable to me in the shooting process. She runs around like a nut behind the scenes to get things ready for me, clean up my messes, feed me, provide me with a steady infusion of Diet Coke, make sure I have lipstick on, give me pep talks, and generally keeps me going. In addition to that, she sits at the monitor with Todd to watch all the scenes being filmed, and see how they appear on screen. She makes sure the camera angles are good, and that what I say makes sense. She helps to assure that everything is visually and verbally clear from a decorator's point of view. Her assistance in direction and production is absolutely critical to the success of our videos. There is no way I could do this without her. And to top it off, she does it for no payment, no recognition, no glory. She is a true and genuine friend, one of the treasures in my life.

My Wendy, who refuses to have her picture taken during filming. Can't you tell she is gorgeous inside and out?

As promised, here are some behind the scenes photos we snapped during filming. I apologize for the bad quality of these photos, but they were taken in a rush between segments, and the lighting in the room was altered for video and not conducive to camera shots.

A cool shot from behind the middle camera , the one I speak into.

Close up camera on my right side as I work on a bow.

This view is from the "command center" where Todd sits and flips all the switches and thingies to make the cameras work and stuff. This monitor shows what the shot looks like on TV, and Wendy sits here with Todd to make sure it all comes across clearly.

Todd filming me very close up from behind while I was putting little pearls on the edges of a bow. Only my hands will be seen in this shot.

A bow done in Lagniappe.

Me with the finished Valentine gift.

No, we did not drink it! ( Although at times we wanted to, LOL).We used it on the cake!

Me primping the wedding shower gift box.

We did it! All 4 finished cakes at the end of the shoot.

Here are some shots from previous DVD productions:

Todd sitting at his "command center." The lovely striped sheets cover the windows to block out light.

Me finishing up the stenciling on the stacking DVD.

Todd doing a close up.

This shot shows how the 3 cameras are set up.

Trish normally works the (my) right side close up camera.

From the fondant DVD.

So guys, I sure hope you all will be happy with this DVD. (I think you will.) I cannot wait to get to the editing part and watch it all come together! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

I thank you as always for your support of SugarEd.

Now I am off to clean the horrendous mess we made of my house!

Happy Caking,


SharonG said...

My goodness Sharon you have been one very busy lady! Big hello to Wendy. It's nice to know you have such wonderful people Sharon, behine the scenes that is of such help to you. The cakes are beautiful! Lady, you put your heart and soul into everything you do. Love the new pictures and thanks for sharing them with all of us. Can't wait to see the upcoming dvd's.

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait!!! Thank you for allowing us to see the whole process in your videos and not skipping parts. Thanks for sharing behinds the scenes. Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait, loved ur other dvd's that i ordered, can't wait for the others. Thanks for sharing.

Chris said...

You cannot even begin to imagine the extent of the smile that is on my face right now! Literally it's starting to hurt. I'm so excited for this video, without a doubt the highlight of the beginning to 2009! I love all your other videos, lady you are wicked good. Thank You for all you do to help us all out. Til next time!

KB said...

I know you put a lot into this video (as you do all of them) and I know that we will all appreciate ALL the hard work from you, Wendy and your production team to make a wonderful, packed full of great information DVD. The 4 final cakes look awesome!! Can't wait to see the finished video.

Jen1002 said...

A double disc set? It's Christmas in October! I love all your 'movies' and I know I'm going to love this even more. The cakes are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. Thanks for sharing with us!

WendyB said...

AGGGGGHHHHHHHH My picture! ugh, I sure hope no monitors get blown apart from it! No, really ya'll Sharon did an amazing job on this shoot, your gonna be sooo happy with the info you will get even though it will be alot it is going to be worth every single minute!! She thinks I dont get paid but she doesnt realize I come away with new techniques and valuable info each time we film!!
Hugs to all, love ya sharon!

Heather said...

I'm SO excited!! We need pics of the cakes Z so we can work the box up!!

landa said...

Very cool look BTS. Cant wait for the next DVDs to come out.

Troubles said...

Beautiful Sharon! I can't wait!

Custom Cakes by Brenda said...

I cannot wait for this dvd to come out!!! I'm so excited!

nayeli said...

Those cakes look amazing :) and as always perfect. I can wait for the video to come out.

Alicia Darnell said...

I cannot WAIT to get these new DVD's! I wish I could order them now, just like everyone else. But it will be well worth the wait. You rock Sharon - thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of every detail of your work. It has helped my decorating tremendously! Looking forward to the new set! :-)

*Priscilla* said...

those cake are beautiful! neat to see how this was put on dvd.

Glenda said...

Thanks for the information on the new DVD...I can hardly wait.

Give Wendy a big hug from me for keeping you going!

Anonymous said...

Would you please hurry with those dvd's can't wait I am soo excited about whats to come, those package cakes are beautiful.

Janice said...



terrykris91 said...

I love love love watching your videos and learning your techniques!! I am soo excited to get your newest work!! I wait with baited breath for the boxes and bows! I could barely sit still when I just read that you were going to do a topsy turvy DVD!!!! WOW!!! I have wanted something like that! I will definitely be ordering EVERY DVD you make! They are indispensable to me!!

Thanks so much for your helpfulness and your love of cakes!


Adele said...

You guys are AMAZING!!!!!! Best of luck with the new DVD!!

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