Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back from NY and busy schedule!

Hello Sugar friends!

I am back from the New York ICES mini classes and what a great time I had. The other teachers were Chef Toba Garrett and Beth Parvu of Sugarpaste, LLC. I had a trying trip up there, as I got stuck in the Philadelphia airport all day due to bad weather. Flights just kept getting cancelled. I finally got on the last plane to NY City at 11PM. That was my last hope to not have to spend the night in the airport and be late for the classes! I made it into NYC a little after midnight, but alas, my luggage went to Long Island, my original destination. We picked up my bags early morning before the classes started and all was well.

I had the honor and privilege of spending the weekend with Toba Garrett, who is my cake idol. She is the quintessential cake artist in my mind. Just as I had hoped, she was very warm, gracious, giving and encouraging to all skill levels. A truly wonderful lady, and of course an exceptional talent. I highly recommend all of her books. She mentioned that she has a new wedding cake book coming out soon, that will include cakes with more bold colors and modern designs than she has done in the past. I can't wait!

Chef Toba Garrett

I also met for the first time, the very talented Beth Parvu. Another wonderful artist. She too was as friendly and sharing as could be. I was thrilled to discover that her company carries a fully FDA approved, truly edible line of petal and luster dusts! No more worries about putting "non toxic" (but truly not food safe) dusts on our cakes! I bought several and cannot wait to try them. Sugarpaste also offers powdered flavorings for icings and batters, as well as a gum blend that can be added to royal icing for elasticity. (which makes string work easier). It can also be added to fondant to create a gumpaste type product. I am anxious to try that out as well!

I have a very busy schedule the next 2 weeks, as we are filming our next DVD next week! I am in the process of getting everything ready now. I am so excited! I will post some behind-the-scenes pictures at the end of next week. Keep your guesses coming for the contest; I will reveal the correct answer soon!

Well, back to work for me!

Happy caking everyone,



Alicia said...

Sharon, I can't WAIT until this new DVD comes out - whatever it is, I'm buying it immediately. Your tips are so invaluable!!! Hooray for Sharon and SugarEd Productions! :-)

landa said...

Glad you had a wonderful time. I love Toba and I hope to meet her someday. She is one of the reasons I started dabbling in this in the first place.
Cant wait for the DVD!

SharonG said...

Welcome back Sharon! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and got to meet some wonderful people. Thanks for sharing all the info about the new stuff that has come out or will be coming soon.

Please let us know about all the new cake goodies you got and how they turn out. I am very excited to hear about Beth Parvu's truly edible petal & luster dusts.

Thank You! for all you have done and do, that helps so many of us.
You "Rock" lady!

Mata Family said...

Sorry you had a difficult time getting there- I sure missed you around here! Good luck shooting the DVD- can't wait to see it!!

Jacque said...

Oooh, I'm so glad you had a good time. And to get to hang out with Toba... bonus!!

I took a class with Beth several years ago. I'm trying to remember what it was... maybe lilies? She did a nice job and it was my first time working with that other kind of paste... the type that stays workable.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Can't wait to see what your next DVD is. You look so sweet without your makeup... like the girl next door, lol.