Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Graduation Wedge Cake

Hello everyone!

Good gravy have I been busy! Running pillar to post. Burning the candle at both ends. Nose to the grindstone. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Burning the midnight oil. OK, I will stop. You get the idea. I bet you guys have been busy too since it is graduation time.

My beautiful and sweet niece graduated from high school last weekend, and I made her a special cake. I wanted to try the tilted method using wedges. I had not done that before. It was really pretty easy.

I wanted to of course use her school colors and mascot, but also incorporate little bits of her life, while making it fun and whimsical.

The grad hat was a styro ball I cut and carved a bit and covered with fondant. The mortar board was a square of fondant with tylose, dried ahead and glued on with chocolate. I used a 4 inch ball and a 5 inch square in this case. The clay gun was used to make the tassel.

The scroll work was done with a cutter set available here.

The paw prints were stenciled on, and represent LSU, where she is going to college. I used the alphabet tappit cutters for the LSU letters. I used the funky alphabet cutters for her name.

The initials in the heart are of Paige and her boyfriend, Chris.

I did not have time to make the flowers, so I purchased them, and dusted some to add color.

Here are the flowers I purchased:

Cally lily spray
Rose spray
Large roses
Blue roses

The graduation figure was made with a chocolate mold. I used fondant with tylose in the mold, let it dry firm, and then airbrushed it with super pearl luster dust.

The fork represents the restaurant where she works as a hostess. That thing was quite a challenge to make. I was so engrossed in trying to get one of those suckers to come out right, I forgot to take photos. But here is how I did it:

I rolled out a piece of gumpaste and pressed it between 2 plastic forks that were stacked on top of each other. I squeezed them hard together to make the impression of the handle and the 4 tines into the gumpaste. While they were sandwiched together I trimmed around the outside of the fork edges with an exacto knife. Then I took the top fork off and let the cut out gumpaste sit atop the bottom one for a good long time. After it dried a good bit, I took that gumpaste "fork" and laid it on the table and trimmed to the exact outline of the impressions made by real forks. The handle was easy peasy, but trying to cut the tines out made me curse and throw things. And curse some more. They kept breaking off or were just crappy looking. After creating a graveyard of about 12 reject forks, I decided to go with shorter than real-life tines, and got one fork that was decent. I put that back on top of the plastic fork to get the proper shape and let it dry a day or two. Airbrushed it silver after I added the letter D on the top of the handle. I just knew I was going to break it, but God was smiling on me and it made it to the cake. Whew!


Here are some photos of the construction. Please forgive the terrible quality of these photos. I was very pressed for time as my power had gone out for quite a while and put me behind schedule. On top of that, I was working with a heavily bandaged finger after slicing it it open cutting the Styrofoam wedges with a very long, very sharp knife. I think I needed a stitch or two, but no time for that!

I put the ganached tiers atop a Styrofoam lift, so I would be able to tuck the fondant under the cake and foamcore board under it for a clean bottom look.

Here is one tier after it was covered.

I had topsy turvy dummies laying around, which worked out great, because the top slant was already cut for me. I just had to trim them down to the height I wanted. (Note: to be considered food safe, you need to cover your wedge and board with something appropriate.)

I attached a piece of thin foamcore to the bottom of each styro wedge with white chocolate. This would prevent the supports from going into the styro under the weight of the cakes. I doweled the bottom cake as usual under the wedge support.

I used melted chocolate to attach the wedge to the lower tier, and more melted chocolate on top of the wedge, then placed the middle tier in place and held it there until the chocolate firmed up. Then I drove 2 wooden dowels down through both tiers.

I repeated the same process to apply the top tier. I wanted the top tier to have more of a tilt to the opposite side, but I miscalculated my slant, so it basically came out straight. Oh well, live and learn. (Dagnabbit!) After the top tier was in place, I drove one large wooden dowel down the middle of all 3 tiers.

That cake was very stable and did not budge. Cutting and serving it proved to be a little bit messy, as the melted chocolate between the tiers did tear off some of the fondant when I disassembled it. But I guess that is the price you have to pay to get this look and have it be super stable. I guess you could try to do it without the melted chocolate, but I felt better having it there as glue.

I cut apart all the purchased flower sprays and arranged them on the cake, using royal icing as glue where needed. The fondant dove is the school mascot.

I used the school logo clip art that I got off their website. I made little icons with edible icing sheets backed with white fondant, to put between the diamonds. The school initials, SSA, were impressed into the diamonds using the JEM alphabet cutter set.

Paige just loved her cake and thanked me over and over and over. Everyone at the party went nuts over it; it was very good for my ego, LOL! I have 4 more nieces coming up behind her, graduating from the same school, so I better start thinking of more design ideas soon! Oy vay. I'll think about that later.


Totally Topsy Turvy is almost ready! Just a few more tweaks in editing and we are going to the presses! I am really proud of this one; I think you guys will like it too. I take you through every single step of making this cake from start to finish. No stone is left unturned. And there are a few fun surprises thrown in there too.

I am so happy with this DVD, I feel like having a give-a-way! (The crowd jumps to its feet and roars!) To enter, just leave a comment below, and you will be entered into a random drawing for a free copy of Totally Topsy Turvy! I will draw the winner on Monday.




Carla Longauer said...

WOW thank you soooo much for posting how to make that cake.. that was just awesome.. your soo awesome.. yea yea ok ok Im over doing it..LOL

I already pre ordered my DVD but winning one would be AWESOME!!!

Love you Sharon, thank you for all your hard work to make all of us better at what we love doing.

Carla Longauer

Liz Esposito said...

Wow! What a great cake... the detail work is incredible and I appreciate the play-by-play instructions. Congrats to your niece on her graduation!

googlegirl said...

Enter me too for the draw please!! I am soooo looking forward to this DVD. I have never made one, but want it to work the first time! Thanks for sharing Sharon. You are a blessing! Your cakes rock and I make great flat buttercream now!!

Aidan's mom said...

wow! That's a cool cake! Your work never ceases to amaze me, Sharon!

I've been wanting to order that DVD, but winning it would be great!

Thanks for all the prayers for Aidan, too! :)

Dulzura Magica said...

Of course she loved it that cake is just too cute!!!Congrats to you for making it and to her getting it!! Oh! by the way love your blog ☺☺☺☺

Garrisons said...

Thanks for the tutorial on this cake. It turned out great! I would love to win a copy of your dvd!!! It looks awesome. Thanks for all you share with us!!

Morgan Garrison

Dulzura Magica said...

oooops i almost forgot!!!I would love to win a copy, please enter me in the draw...Thanks!!!

Karen said...

Sharon...I love reading your blogs! Your energy, creativity and passion for decorating just leap out at your readers! You have a knack for making your readers believe we can make our cake creations to look as good as yours. Thank you so much for your giving spirit, you truly are one in a million.

Nina D said...

Great Job!!!! I Love your DVD'S. Thanks for doing a great job as always.

Nina DuBose

Anonymous said...

Love all the personal touches on that cake...it truly is a work of art, in my opinion.

Of course I want your DVD!

cakesbylori said...

Sharon you are so generous with all your great tutorials. I enjoy seeing the love and detail you put itno your work.

lluvia said...

Sharon thank you so much for sharing all this information with us. I love all your tutorials they are great. I hope you continue making more videos

Olga Philips said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was always wondering how it made! And it will defiantly broaden my cake horizons :) Thank you!!!!

Suzycakes said...

It always, always brightens my night when I logon to my email account one more time before hitting the sack and see an email from SEL / Sharon!

I love the tilted cake!! It is totally awesome and all of the unique and personal features and designs you added to it makes it extraordinary!! Thanks for sharing your time and talents as always!!

And I have already preordered my Topsy Turvy DVD -- BBBBUUUTTTT if I could win ONE!!!! then I could buy that cool set of cutters you used on your nieces cake!!LOL!! So see Sharon - pull my name and I'll spend more money!!LOL!!

Thanks again!


grgapch said...

As always, Sharon, this cake turned out AMAZING!

I can't wait for your new DVD to come out. I have all the others and I keep trying to drop hints to my husband but he hasn't come through for me yet!

Valentina :D said...

I always get such a kick in opening up an email and seeing that there is another SugarEd Laginappe blog entry! This new entry is great. You make everything look so, so easy. Thank you for sharing your talents. What a blessing you have been to us all.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful cake!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques and tips.

Suzie Q said...

Sharon - you NEVER cease to amaze me!! This graduation cake is ..... awesome - that's the only word I can think of. Absolutely Awesome!! Thank you so much for your DVDs. I cannot wait to try this one. Can't wait!! Thanks again and keep 'em coming! Please enter me in your drawing.
Suzie Q

Cake Believe said...

Sharon, beautiful work, such detail! You are my idol!

Cat said...

I'm so glad I've subscribed to your blog. Your cakes are really awesome. One day I want to be just like you. Out of all your DVDs, which one is best to get for being a caker only since Oct. of last year?

shana said...

I really like your graduation cake. I was going to make a topsy turvy cake for a birthday on june 5, but now I think I will do it with a wedge instead. That and I don't think the video will arrive in time.

Also would like to know how tall your tiers are. The top one looks taller than the other 2, are the bottom 2. 4 in tall?>

Christina said...


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all your trials and tribulations with us. I know I personally really appreciate having someone share all their tricks of the trade with me! My cakes got MUCH better after your videos and I'm not even attempting a topsy turvy until I get my video! Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!

Christina Gardner

Heidi said...

I love the graduation cake! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you made it. I think the topsy turvy cake video looks terrific. Happy cake decorating!

connie lawrence said...

you are an inspiration to lots of new cake decorators like myself...you are fabulous. My 3-yr old son knows you as the fabulous cake lady.

Keep up the great work!

Connie Lawrence

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a great cake! And I would love to win your DVD!

Malin Ljungblad, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Sharon, loove that cake. And as usual you are always so generous in sharing your tips and tricks.

I can wait for the new Topsy Turvy dvd, I just know that it will be a massive hit!

Thanks for letting us in to your beautiful world of cakedecoration.


Cheryl said...

Sharon you're the best!! Love your work and I'm sure your niece appreciates the hard work that goes into a cake like that. Just think in four year you'll be working on one for her graduation from LSU..
C Merola

Karin said...

That graduation cake is absolutely stunning!! You do amazing work - I would love to win a copy of the DVD to see it all in action!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Cake! Love the colors and all the personal details. While mine is already ordered If I won the DVD, I'd give it as a gift to get my fellow BFF decorator as hooked as I am on your techniques! VikTheChef

Chrisy said...

What an awesome cake! I would LOVE to win the DVD. I keep hearing wonderful things about your other ones, but haven't been able to order one yet. I hope I'm lucky this time around :)


Nancy Smith said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I always learn so much from you. I ordered the dvd and can't wait to watch it. You are the bomb!

cakesbyloribeth said...

Amazing, amazing cake as usual!! Thanks again for all you've taught. Keep 'em coming!

ElizabethM said...

What a cute cake!

I love, love, love your videos! I got the boxes and bows as a mother's day present :)

Thank you for sharing your talents!

Marisol said...

Amazing Sharon you are truly blessed with talent and creativity. Please include me in the drawing for the DVD, eventhough i already purchase one, i never enough to two.

Marisol Cuevas

Anonymous said...

This cake is absolutely "The Bomb!" I want to be you!
Rita, SC

Courtney said...

I love your graduation cake! You are so talented! I can't wait for the new dvd!

Courtney Woodie

Heatherly30 said...

Absolutely Amazing! I can't even imagine how long it takes you to do a cake like this start to finish. That would be a fun post to read. Start baking Wednesday 9 am, cool and torte 6 pm. Steps to decorate Thursday, delivery Friday, etc. You probably whip through these in no time.

Add me too! hmann@cinci.rr.com

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Sharon

I love your DVDs and Tutorials.

Roselyn Robles

mbt4955 said...

Your graduation cake is amazing and it finally has me wanting to try a topsy turvy. You mentioned nieces and nephews and graduations ... wait until they start getting married. I have 10 who aren't married yet. 9 are married and I did the cakes for 5, plus my own. They all think that Aunt Martha has to do their wedding cakes. :)

Shannon said...

That is a beautiful cake you did an awesome job.
I already ordered my dvd and I am so excited to get it I cant wait for it to come in the mail. So winning it would be sooo cool. Please enter me in your very cool drawing.
You rock Sharon I just love every thing you do and thank you for all your help.

Janel Waters said...

Seriously! I think I could stare at that cake for HOURS and not see everything!! How long did that take you to make!! It is absolutely AMAZING!!! but, I would expect nothing less from you!

I'm so glad that you put up a new blog! I emailed you when I got back from my cruise, but I figured you were SWAMPED!!

I would L-O-V-E to win a video!! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!!!!!!

Ok - gotta run, my daughter is trying to climb up the walls - not joking!

Janel :)

Kim Dodgen said...

There is only one word that can describe this cake and that would be AWESOME! Sharon all of your cakes are awesome and the detail work that you put in each cake is absolutely fantastic. Thanks for teaching all of us everything you know about cake decorating.


Tammy said...

Wow Sharon, that cake is amazing! The fork is so realistic! Thanks for explaining how you made it.You are a true sugar artist!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love this cake!!!! The details make you a true artist. I hope to be that creative one day.
Please enter me in your drawing.
Thanks Debbie

ooops forgot to leave my e-mail


Spice said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW! I really love all of your DVD's. You have also been a true inspiration to me. Every time I see you do something, I want to try it.


Cassy said...

Your talent is so amazing. I really am thankful for all that you contribute to the caking community. Keep it coming Sharon!!!

Jennywenny said...

Wow, what a very special aunt you are! Do you also cover the foamcore board or is that safe to be next to the cake?

I'd of course love to win the DVD!!!

Thanks for sharing such an elaborate cake, its good to know that its not impossible!

Desert Rose said...

Oh My! Are you OK? How is your finger now? I feel so bad :( Please be careful.
I loved the cake,thank you so much for the nice tutorial.
I cannot wait to see your next DVD.
I hope you get some rest and hope your finger heals soon.
- haniya.

Teralyn Smith said...

I've already pre-ordered my DVD but winning one for a friend would be awesome!!!

Teralyn Smith

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon...

I met you last summer at the ICES Conventionin Orlando...we chatted at Chef Mickies! Anywho...I follow everything you do because you are my cake guru! You taught me how to smooth icing, I use your buttercream recipe, and own almost all of your DVD's...keep'em coming! Just wanted to thank you for being such an accessible inspiration! Oh, and I would love to win the giveaway!

All the Best, Amy Stella :-)

Chris said...

OMG I'M LOVING THIS POST! A friend of mine just sorta got engaged (her mom told her, her bf asked for her blessing and she wants me to do her cakes for her) and i know she would totally love something like this! Perfect for an engagement party or couples shower seeing how it's super fun.

Julie Reid said...

Whoooo!! Ilove give aways!!

The graduation cake is amazing!!! Thanks for the details of putting it together. You are so kind to do that for us untalented people (haha)!

Have a great week!

DARLENE said...

Like everyone else I look forward to your blogs and thanks so much for sharing your great talent with us. Here's wishing I won the video

Scarlet Harris said...

As always, the cake is awesome and thank you so much for the tutorial. Can't wait for the DVD. I have all the others and have pre-ordered this one but it would be great to win it. Then I can buy more cake "stuff"!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!!


Saycheese said...

Sharon, you are my cake hero...heroine (hero sounds less illegal...lol)
My dream is to work up to make cakes as fabulous as you do!

Vicki said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I have a graduation coming up. :)

Barb said...

What a great cake and the colors are fantastic - that dark blue is beautiful.

Your work is always flawless! Your ideas terrific - non can match you!


Becky Hadley said...

Wow!! Sharon you make it look so easy!! Beautiful cake!! Can't wait for the next dvd :)

fiddlesticks said...

Sharon,Thank you so much for the tutorial. I always learn so much from you, and love your dvd,s! You make it all seem so easy!
I love that you share all of your talents so the rest of us can learn!

Sharie said...

Your cakes are AMAZING. Really. Please enter me in your drawing! I would love to get your DVD!

Rose-Lynn said...

You never cease to amaze one with the talent you have! And thank you for your videos; everyone loves my version of your buttercream icing.


asimpson said...

Hi Sharon, love the graduation cake and I've pre-ordered the Topsy Turvey, I can't wait to get it!!! I would love to win one though, then I could get another video :-) I've done one of the cakes from Boxes and Bows and you are an amazing teacher!!


Laurel said...

Ooh, me me me! I have never attempted a topsy-turvy cake before but would love to learn from the master! You are my Cake Central Idol and I don't know how I didn't find your blog until just now. Yay!

Rafael Logrono said...

I really do love this cake! It can easily be applied to topsy turvy cakes (using your DVD as a guide, of course!) I love it so darn much that i think the next time I order to pfeil & holing or sugarart, I may buy those supplies listed!

Sweet Regards,

Rafael Logrono

Barbara said...

The graduation cake is absolutely fantastic! I can't believe all the details you included.

I have all of your DVDs, so winning this one would be fantastic. :)

Thanks so much,

Weims319 said...

Hi Sharon! I can't wait for my copy of Topsy Turvy. I've never even seen a tilted cake, thanks so much for posting this. Your work definitely inspires me to work outside my comfort zone :-) I didn't even know most of the things you post in this blog existed! Now I want scroll and alphabet cutters :-) save me from the agony of writing on cakes!

Best Wishes!

(aka Weimtigress)

Michelle Fefer said...

Sharon, what can I say that hasn't been said already. You truely are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing and giving me the courage to always try new things. Congratulations to your niece. I can't wait to see the other graduation cakes that follow. Regards, Michelle Fefer

cindy's cakery said...

sharon you are a dream come true!! thank you so much for that tutorial of your gorgeous cake as i have been wanting to learn the wedge topsy turvey for some time. i really would LOVE to win your new dvd cos all your other ones have made a humongous difference in my cakes. thank you a million times :)

liz said...

That is one awesome graduation cake, Sharon!!!! I hope I can be 'slightly' as good as you are!!!! I already pre-ordered my DVD.....but I know a friend who I could give that extra one to! Enter me, please!

morselsbymark@yahoo.com said...

Hi Sahron

Thanks for the post - got me temted to try it now!!! Your work is fantastic as usual!!!

Sherri said...

Do you happen to remember the source of the textured rolling pin you used on the blue bow?

The cake is stunning!

normita said...

Wud loooove to win the DVD!!! Please enter me in the drawing!! I have yet to try a TT, but you always make everything look so easy!! One more thing...YOU ARE AWESOME :)

bamabaker said...

Thanks for taking time to show the how to for this cake! It is terrific!

Desert Rose said...
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Alicia Darnell said...

Wonderful cake Sharon! Beautiful as always! Can't wait for the video!

Candy B. said...

What a beautiful cake ( as usual), thanks for sharing. I have one of your DVD's and can't wait to get this one.

Lena said...

I really must congratulate you on that cake. It stunning.
It would be nice if I could win the CD, as I have been trying to order one, but my credit card was replaced with a new expiring date and for some reason PayPal does not recongnize it and I have been battling to sort that out as I am in S.Africa and my account in in Europe in Euros...! I have even lost your promotion for ordering before the 15th!
Anyway, I will get it some other time. I have your collection of DVD and enjoy them throughly. I would like where do you get the material you use for plates you place under your cakes that you put the dowels through. What is the name of that material?
Thank you for sharing how to make that cake.
God bless

Kentucky Megan said...

Someday I want to be like you! It is time for you to post your suckiest (is that a word?), so the rest of us mere mortals can feel a bit better about our caking skills. Seriously, FANTASTIC cake! Your creations never cease to amaze me. Love ya! Meeeeeeegan

The Caretaker said...

Ok, first of all, Sharon I love ALL your cakes. Your techniques has changed the looks of my cakes commpletely. Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone.

And second, I am a Pearland B---- so everyone, stop trying, you know I'm gonna win this giveaway!!! Just kidding. Hope I win though. Thanks Sharon.

dai said...

I love this cake! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing the instructions!

brenlyn said...

thank you so much for that tutorial using the wedges,ive always wanted to know how to do that,and the pictures help so much!! great info! thanks!

Showersfamily said...

What a beautiful cake for your neice. Elegant and fun at the same time. I am super excited about your upcoming DVD release. Keep them coming.

Sarah said...

I love this cake. Can't wait for the new DVD to come out.

Sandi said...

The grad cake is awesome...as always when you do a cake! Thanks for posting on how you did the tilting effect. Another DVD, another addition to my cake library!

Megan Derr said...

Thank you for all you techniques that you provide. I know my cakes have been smoother and more professional looking with you help! You are the best.

Sherilyn said...

That cake is simply amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. I have admired your cakes for years and LOVE your dvds!


Leaha said...

This cake is absolutely beautiful! I can't stop looking at the photos!



Lisa said...

You did a great job on that cake. I love all the attention to detail and how each time you look at it you see something new. All the little touches make it special! I have just started "playing" with fondant and would love to win a copy of your DVD! Thanks for offering it!

KimmieD said...

I LOVE that graduation cake! It's gorgeous! Sharon you are so talented, so when are you going to make your appearance on one of those Food Network cake challenges?? You would have my vote.

Enter me too please :).

Christina Reif said...

Wow, I just happened upon your blog through Foodgawker, and your cakes look amazing. I would love to learn more about topsy turvy cakes. Enter me in!

DieR YesdniL said...

Next time, I dare you to try the non carved non styrafoam topsy turvy cake :D

Great job!

PS want to be my aunt? I had the AWESOME cake planned... but it serves 200... and there were just family javascript:void(0)at my party (a whole 6 of us... lol) oh well. another time. I didn't have time to make it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, Thank you very much for your blog. I am learning so much from it and from your dvds; I have them all. I can't wait to try this cake. Blue is my favorite color, imagine how much I like this cake. I love the flowers. Thank you for the tip where to buy them. Thanks.
Ceci M

obabassa said...

Oooooohhhhhh Ooooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pick me please. Lol

workingwoman2 said...

Thank you Sharon, for always so generously sharing your ideas and talent with us. Your work is really incredible!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Turned out fabulous!

Steph said...

This was a really interesting way to make the topsy-turvy cake. I've not actually seen someone use styrofoam separators to accomplish this. Very creative. I like it a lot.

Bonnell said...

Love your cake, it's beautiful (as usual). I purchased all your DVDs at the Pearland DOS and have watched them all at least 2 times. Buttercream has always been my weak point (major). Last night I iced a buttercream cake and it turned out PERFECTLY smooth. I was amazed at myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And of course I would love to win your DVD.


Jessa Waterman happycakes@tx.rr.com said...

Incredible as usual!!! If I don't win, I'm still going to add it to my dvd collection - you are the BEST teacher!

Rockysharon said...

Beautiful cake! Thanks for all the helpful tips. I have already ordered the Topsy DVD too....but it would make a great gift for another decorator friend. Thanks for all your help to everyone.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for taking me step by step through the cake assembling. I've always wondered how stable those kind of cakes are. I would love to win a copy of the topsy turvy DVD!

Sally VanBeek said...

Hey Sharon,
Please enter my name in your Totally Topsy Turvy DVD giveaway. I have all of your other DVD's, so I might as well get to enjoy this newest production as well.
Thank you!
Sally VanBeek
Washington State

Rocio said...

Hello Sharon,

your cake came out beautiful like always, I have also pre-registered for your Dvd but would like to be enter to win a copy.

I saw you at the Pearland day of sharing, you are hilarious, I really enjoyed your demo although there was not enough time for you to finish. I hope you come out with more DVD for us to learn more techniques.


rocgonzalez1 said...


I forgot to post my email.




vicki0052 said...

Hi Sharon:I hope I'm not to late for the drawing. I saw everyone wants your video. I just love your dvd's and I am planning on getting all of them. Put me the running. By the way, I love your graduation cake for your neice. I have a few years before my grandchildren graduate so I should be good at making one of these with the help of your video. Denise V. Moses

Denise V. Moses said...

Sharon: I forgot to post my e-mail also: mosescl6@aol.com. thanks. Vicki0052

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sharon. Would love to add this to all the other dvd's I have of you!


Sheila Levesque (LC missyvixen) said...

Great tutorial, Sharon, thanks so much!!! I plan on using this method for Tasha's 16th birthday in July now that you have eased my fears some.

Enter me, enter me, enter me!!! I NEEEEEED this one....hahaha

liz said...

Cant wait forthis dvd!!!!!=)

Janetlynn said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! Great Cake! I've pre-ordered the DVD but another one would make a Great Gift! I'm back in the blogging world (still learning tho)- Thanks Sharon for all your help! - ck out my sugar bow I made from your DVD! I'm getting better! But the baby booties are a different story...and I have a baby shower coming up!

fosterscreations said...

Thanks so much for posting these instructions. I would love to do a topsy turvy cake but am not great at covering cakes in fondant so all of my cakes are buttercream. I would be concerned that they would slid off the board once tilted. Does your DVD cover topsy turvy cakes in BC only?

deetmar said...

I was looking through A Coletee Peters book trying to figure out how to do a topsy turvy cake. She said to use the styrofoam dummies, so I typed this into my search browser and it brought we here. Who would have thought it! I had even forgotten about the DVD coming out, I have been crazy busy too! I will read through and see where you purchased yours, or hopefully you will teach us how to make our own.


Julie Contreras said...

Your work is amazing! I love that you are so willing to share all of your secrets with us fellow cake ladies. I haven't had the money to purchase any of your dvds yet but I will be asking for them for my birthday (in October-why so far away).

Again, thanks for the wonderful tutorials!!!


Kanga said...

I'm sure I totally missed the give away, but I had to leave a comment anyway! I have my very first topsy turvy cake coming up in 2 weeks. I have been looking at all of the videos and tutorials, trying to decide the best way to do it. Thanks for showing me a new way!

PS SO excited to find your blog!! *smile*

woodruffbn said...

I am planning on ordering a few DVD's. Your work is truely inspiring. I'm a newbie at all of this and I need all the help I can get! LOL! Please enter me in the drawing (if I'm not too late).

min_wilson said...

ooo, am i too late??? ive been looking everywhere for your dvds at a good price (your worth every penny but my bank acount dosent have very many) and i stumbled across your awesome blog! I'm a 23yr old stay at home mom, and took a wedding cake order for dec 5th to get some christmas money. The bride wants tiffany boxes stacked and i heard through cake central you are the ONE person who can get me through this with a happy bride.
Any ideas on where i can get your boxes and bows dvd?.... or are you still in the give away mood you posted on your blog??? :) &hearts&;

Deborah said...

This is just perfect!. I love the way she explains. She makes sure everybody gets all the details.
Isabel Sanchez

Jenny Bates said...

I am thinking that I am a little late on the give-away, but still wanted to comment..I am rather new to all of this and looking for ideas and you have done it...I can't wait to try all that I have seen on your blog. You are an inspiration and wanted to thank you for all that you do!!
<3 Jennifer

moviebuff2008 said...

I love this cake and need to make one too with the seporators in it. My only question is, is it totally save to drive a dowel thru real cake into syrofoam and then into another cake? Would there not be transfer of syro into the cake below? I just want to make sure I can do this. Thank you so much for telling us all about this cake.

Sam said...

ooohh yes please I would love a copy of your dvd.
Thanks Sam

Suzan said...

This is beautiful and I love how you took all the elements from something meaningful. Very creative, inspirational and stunningly beautiful!

I also want to thank you for posting how you did this. I've been wanting to do one of these myself but looked at the prices of the pans and thought I can't pay that for just a hobby.

Well you showed me I didn't need those pans to do it. Just some styrofoam. Now I can challenge myself with this task. Thank you!

Cake Decorating Supplies said...

Very, very nice work. I'm really impressed. I've been in the cake business for years and I truly think that you're a pro.

Congratulations and keep up your sugar art!!!