Sunday, May 10, 2009

Readers' Cakes ...Take One

Hi Sugar Peeps!

I have gotten a great response to my request for readers' cakes made using the techniques taught in our DVDs. You guys have blown me away; your cakes are awesome! It brings me joy to hear that our work is truly helping you guys with your cake skills. Please enjoy this first installment of eye candy brought you by SugarEd clients!


Hey Sharon,

I made the design on this cake using that special cutter set I bought from you. God gave us a sweet tooth!! Eat more Cake!!


I am attaching a few of my latest cakes as requested in your blog. The blue one is smooth as a baby's butt, thanks to your first video and the impression mat with pearl idea from your fondant video lagniappe. I made the hydrangea and lady bug out of gumpaste. The chocolate cake is copied from your blog. My son dipped the strawberries in chocolate and I made a gumpaste butterfly. Vicki :)


Yomomma says: Hi Sharon, This is my first and only wedding cake, that I made after ordering and watching (many times b4 attempting) your stacking and fondant dvds. I give you full credit (plus prayer!) for the end results. Thanks for your thorough teaching on your dvds.


Kari made this cake based off of the Boxes and Bows DVD:


I have attached one picture that utilizes the bow that is first taught on your "Boxes and Bows" DVD. LOVE IT!! My new favorite-I'm pushing that one on all my clients!
Nicole O. A Slice Of Heaven, LLC


I did these two after watching your fondant freaking best fondant jobs ever and I'm ever so grateful to you, darling!!!!
And if anyone wants a good laugh, they can check me out at


Hi Sharon! I wanted to share a picture of my FIRST wedding cake! I made this right after seeing your flawless fondant DVD, and I must say I amazed myself by how smooth my fondant looks. I love your idea of chilling the cakes before fondanting. I also love your idea for covering the cake board. Genius. Anyway, this cake is a 6,8,10,12" with gumpaste roses and hydrangeas. My flickr site is at http://www.tishperez.comthanks/! Tish


Smoooooth buttercream, with fondant accents. That bow is the best so far!! Thanks Sugarshack!!
I have your Perfecting the Art of Buttercream, Successful Stacking, and Boxes and Bows. Love them all, and have watched them several times.
Thanks again.


Hi Sharon,
I wanted to tell you I loved your last video, Boxes and Bows and I can't wait until I get to make one! I love your instructions. You make it look so easy! Oh, and here's one of my latest wedding cakes, I made the sugar flowers too! The couple's favorite color is orange!
Tracy ....My website is


Hi Sharon,
I just made my first butter cream cake using the techniques and recipe in your DVD. Your instructions made it so easy. My first creation didn't turn out perfectly perfect, but I am very pleased with it. It turned out looking better by far than the techniques I used previous to watching your DVD.
Thank you for providing me with easy to follow instructions. You possess a real talent for teaching!

PS - My Detective Sergeant just retired after 31 years and I've included a photograph of the cake I made for his party using your techniques.


WOW! You guys rock!
More reader pics coming soon!

Happy caking!


Nichi said...

Wow! You should be so proud!

Sandi said...

I didn't get a chance to send you any pictures, but I wanted to say thanks for all you have taught me with your DVD's! Recently I had to use one of your DVD's to show someone how to stack a wedding cake. She didn't believe me on how it was done! Thankfully we put together a beautiful cake for the wedding all thanks to you!

ButterYum said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic!!!

ljchris said...

Holy Moly!!!
I'm on Sharon's blog!!!!!!!
I really am squealing this time. ;)


Nancy Smith said...

Fantastic! Now I'm sending my photo's!!

Showersfamily said...

I feel like a celebrity. Is my cake really on SugarShack's blog. Wow!!! Sharon's teaching is truly amazing