Monday, May 18, 2009

A note about emails

Hey guys!

I just wanted to make a note about my answering email questions and private messages that you guys send me. I am more than happy to help, and do answer every email I get. However, if I am swamped, it might take me up to a week to answer. If you do not get an answer from me within one week, please resend the email. I have been known to lose track of them sometimes.

The other issue I am having is that in answering some emails,they are bouncing back to me as undeliverable. That makes me fear that some of you think I am ignoring you, because I cannot get in touch with you. If you send me an email, please make sure that you make my return email address an accepted one to your account, so it will not bounce back as spam.

Currently, I am trying to answer Dawn and Jen and Jan, but the emails will not go through. If you guys could email me once more, we can try again.

Thanks so much!



Desert Rose said...

Ms Sharon,
You are awesome when it comes to replying to emails and answering questions.I really appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that you are just amazing.. You have always responded to me in super fast time !! Just this post makes everyone know how caring you are to all of us.

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
I know you are very busy, and cannot believe that you take the time to answer emails. That is so very nice, and I know greatly appreciated by all! Thanks for all of the information on DVD's, and for helping everyone on Cakecentral.


Anonymous said...

I have learned so much from your videos! I also enjoy your SugarEd Lagniappe e-mails. Thanks for sharing your awesome talent.


terri said...

I have both your DVD's. Wonderful!!!! You hit all the bases on cake decorating. I have learned soooo much from you. I hope you will continue banging out more teaching DVD'S.

Tracy said...


You are awesome for answering every email! I am so grateful that you help and care so much!

Tracy A