Monday, May 25, 2009

The Most Beautiful Cake I Have Ever Seen

I have seen a lot of incredible and gorgeous cakes in my day. But last week I saw one that is by the far the most beautiful I have ever laid my eyes on. It took my breath away really, and brought tears to my eyes.

Honestly, have you ever seen a cake more beautiful? Look at those shell borders. The perfect writing. The flawless fondant. I am still awe-struck.

This was the birthday cake my son J made for me. He really does love to bake, and he got very little help from me. He baked the cakes, iced and stacked them, rolled and applied the fondant, and piped all the decorations by himself. All I did was knead the fondant for him and color the buttercream. The rest was all him. Those of you that know J know that this is really a wonderful accomplishment for him, and I am so very proud I could just burst. But I won't, cuz that would be gross. So I will just bask in my motherly pride, and feel the love my sweet boy gave to me on my birthday.


Totally Topsy Turvy DVD Give-a-way Winners!

You thought I forgot, didn't you? You guys have been waiting by the computer since midnight waiting for me to post the winners, huh? 6 AM....10 AM..... lunch...... still no post. You guys were sure I forgot today was the day huh? Well, I would never forget you guys! I just slept late! Because Heather and I were up till 3 AM finishing the DVD cover so I can get it to the printer!

I like it! Do you guys like it? Poor Heather. What I put that girl through. Cover looks simple enough, yes? You have no idea how many hours it takes just to get that simple little thing right. Not because of Heather. She is a crackerjack in Adobe. It's my pain-in-the-ass, can't make up my mind, over-tweaking self that tortures the poor girl. But she never complains. She just forges through and redoes it as many times as I ask, until we are both happy. I could not live without that woman. A better friend could not be had. Love you, H. And thank you from the bottom of my tweak-happy heart.

Well, you guys have a nice Memorial Day. Don't eat too much BBQ and I will see you in a few days!

Happy caking,



You thought I forgot again, huh? Tee hee hee. I love messing with you guys.

We had so many entries, I picked 2 winners!

Susie Q


Yo, Jennifer... you did not leave an email address, so you need to email me if you want this fabo prize! Here is your post:

Jennifer said...
Thanks for taking me step by step through the cake assembling. I've always wondered how stable those kind of cakes are. I would love to win a copy of the topsy turvy DVD!
May 22, 2009 2:29 PM

Ya'll, the editing is done and we are going to the presses. I hate to brag, but I have to tell you I am very proud of this DVD and so excited about it. You guys asked to see everything, and see everything you will. Every last cotton picking detail from start to finish. This sucker is long, so get your refreshments and settle in before you watch it. I might say it is our best DVD yet! And I love love the music on this one. It just makes me happy! Let me know if you like it too!

Thank you all for your business and support!


Heather said...

Let me just step in and say, I did tell her about 50 times I was going to kill her, but I said it with the utmost of love and dedication.
And yes, she is a tweaker.
And I hate Adobe today still...
and let's see what else...
Oh well, I still love Sharon!! I'm glad you like the cover. Congrats to the winners, but just so you know, I'll still get the first copy (well, she'll lie and tell me it was the first one).

Heather said...

And now one for Jason...

AWE!! You're the sweetest thing my boy! Good job making your momma happy!

dori said...

I would be tickled pink if I got a cake like that for my birthday! What a doll he is to think to do that for you and to pull it off so well. He is his mother's son!
Uummm....does he make doberge as well? I'd pay dearly for a J spectacular in doberge!!! :)

Snooky doodle said...

Nice cake. This boy is promissing well.

SugaryGoodess (Kim) said...

J did an awesome job! How sweet was that. A mom couldn't have a nicer cake.

You and Heather rocked the cover!!! LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see every detail.

Congrats to the DVD winners!!!

The Caretaker said...

Congrats to the winners!!! Thought that I would win...afterall, I'm from Pearland....hahaha. Just kidding. But congrats!! And J, what a wonderful job you did on that cake. I would be brought to tears as well. He did so good on it. And I love the cover...simple but cute and trendy.

Yummy in my tummy said...

Oh shucks, I missed this contest. I am inspired by your work. I too am a nurse turned SAHM and in the future I hope to make cakes just as beautiful as yours.

Janel Waters said...

I guess I have to say congrats to the winners - however, I am disappointed! (disappointed for me - happy for them!)

I cannot WAIT to get the DVD!!!

I also cannot wait for the day that my little one makes me a cake!! Although at 2 she seems mor interested in changing oil and rotating tires that she does in baking - oh well!

that was a FANTASTIC cake!!

Janetlynn said...

J you did Great! Could be another Duff in the making!
Congrats to the winners! I got one coming! Yay! Glad it's got good music too!

Adele said...

I AM CRYING. Crying because I couldn't come down to TX and teach my buddy J how to rope in person. Crying because he is THE sweetest son. Crying because the kid can pipe borders and smooth fondant better than I can. <3

angelabarton said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm always in awe of your cakes!! Best Wishes on your birthday and you are very lucky to have a wonderful boy who will make you a cake! I hope it tasted as yummy as it looked!! Love reading your blog!!!
Angela Barton

HiD said...

J, you did an absolutely incredible job!!! I am so very proud of you! I am so impressed that you did it from start to finish. Beautiful fondant job too. What a wonderful surprise for your sweet Mom on her birthday. I know you made it the best birthday ever!

Love the cover of the new DVD Z. Guess I'm just going to have to buy one now. ;)

Heather, I know just what a saint you can be. You are always such a doll.

fiddlesticks said...

Wow!...J, you did an incredible job!!!
That is by far the sweetest cake I have ever seen! Your mom should be so proud!
Get that dvd to the printer already! lol!

ButterYum said...

Oh yes, my girls surprised me last year on my birthday with a similar cake. They pulled it off without my knowing what they were up to, which made for the biggest surprise ever. It definitely brought tears to my eyes and I thought it was the best cake in the whole world, so I know how you feel. Happy B-Day, and your son did a really wonderful job! (I guess he's picked up a few tricks along the way by watching you).

Anonymous said...

Awww, that was the sweetest looking cake! I love the cakes that my kids do for me:)

Can't wait to receive my topsy turvy dvd!

Vicki said...

The birthday cake was one of the prettiest cakes that you've ever posted. :)

dai said...

Aw, what a great cake!

The Topsy Turvy cover looks fabulous!

rockysharon said...

J!!! Great Job!! Precious Cake!!!
Not only good at fondant....but shell borders.....YOU ROCK!

Can't wait for the Topsy DVD......and I'm so excited ....I can't stand myself......cuz I get to do the "gator thang" class!!!!!YAYAYAYAY!

Nancy Smith said...

Your son's cake is so precious. He will be a famous cake decorator like you! Thank you for sharing. Love the cover and can't wait for the dvd!

Desert Rose said...

awwww, that J dude is just so precious.Good Job mom.
yaayyyy congrats to the winners.I am so sad I didnt win :(

Zakia / The Frosted Bake Shop said...

what a sweet cake. looks like someone has been watching "flawless fondant" :)

Gayla said...

Sharon, I agree this is the most beautiful cake I've seen -- more importantly the love behind the cake, that's something very special. What a great kid! Thanks for sharing.


tanyah said...


Having just started baking I discovered your blog and are slowly making my way through it.

Now I know this post was written years ago now but I wanted to comment because I thought the cake your son J made for you was the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time!

Thanks for such a wonderful blog and I look forward to making my way through the rest of your posts.