Friday, April 3, 2009

Bow Loop Dryer

Hello Sugar Friends!

Hope your weekend is starting off right. I have tons to do this weekend, and don't know where to start. I kinda feel a hamster on a wheel. No, hamsters look too much like little possums. Scratch that analogy.

Anywho, I have gotten hundreds, no thousands, no billions (OK, a handful) of emails asking where I got the bow loop dryer I use in my Boxes and Bows DVD, and how can they get one? Well: 1) it's not mine, and 2) you can't get one. Bummer.

The rack I use in the DVD actually belongs to Wendy and her hubby made it for her. I don't have a picture of it to post here, so you have to watch the DVD to see it. (Ain't I slick?)

But , have no fear. I have found another great rack that you can actually obtain! A gal on Cake Central posted this one that her hubby made from PVC piping.

All the arms swivel to any position you want. You can use it for drying flowers, bow loops, tails and more. You can also slide fatter pipes over the arms to make more open loops. I bought one from her, used it and loved it. Worked great and holds a lot too.

JaimeAnn of Cakes by JaimeAnn and her hubby are making these and selling them. I think the price is $35 plus shipping. You can contact her for more info and to order one:

Disclaimer: SugarEd is not affiliated with JaimeAnn nor her husband in any way, nor do we get monetary benefit from the sales of these racks. I do not know JaimeAnn nor her husband. Heck, I do not know if they even really exist. They could be androids, or aliens, or Disney animatronics for all I know. So once you leave this blog, I am out of the loop.

Have fun!



If you have a cake you are of proud of that you made after using techniques taught in our DVDs, then send them on in! I will post them in the blog to show off all you great cakers! Send a little description with the photo and a website link if you would like me to include that. Please send photos to and enter "Blog pic" as the title.

Have a great weekend. I am off now to try to get my head together and get some stuff accomplished!

Happy caking!


WendyB said...

Oh my, I think I need one of those loop dryers now. Off to Lowe's I go, ok, well hubby goes.

Anonymous said...

I made one of these loopy bow dryers too! Mine is all pvc construction on a wooden base. The arms are all adjustable and removable. It is a life saving device in the bow making department! Love it!
Darn!! I am having to publish this as "anonymous" because I can't remember my dang google identity and/or password!!
Signed.........Lea, aka TeeKakes on CC :)