Friday, April 17, 2009

My Own Personal Cake Wrecks

I did not want to go away for the weekend and leave you guys on the heels of the negativity of yesterday's post. Wendy is always telling me to work on having positive chi. Or maybe she said she likes chai tea. I am not sure. But anyway, in order to lighten my aura, and drive out the negative energy (and to calm down Janel Waters, tee hee)....I leave you with some very good news.

Take a look at these babies:

My first couple of attempts at a topsy turvy cake style. The fondant on the one above literally just slid down the side of the cake. I had a good 2 inches of fondant under those folds at the bottom.

Bulges galore, more saggy fondant. A total nightmare.

So what is the good news? Very soon I am going to teach you how not to do this. I promise. Because these cakes made me cry. And I do not want you to cry.

Ah yes, I feel better now. Much more chi-a-fied.

See ya next week kids!


Jennywenny said...

Thanks so much for sharing stuff like this, its exactly what I need! Now if you can also explain to me why my cakes are perfectly covered one minute and then the next all bubbley and wierd then I would really appreciate it. I think its too much frosting and air bubbles but I'd really appreciate some advice from an expert.

Desert Rose said...

Ms Sharon,
Those cake tiers looked abolutely fantastic to me :p haha you really are an expert.If I can have my cakes to look like these,I will be a happy soul - lol.
I am soooooo looking forward fo the instructions on how to avoid this.
You are the BEST!
- H

Snooky doodle said...

this will be interesting thanks for sharing :)

LadybugLuggage said...

Sharon, thanks for sharing, we all have the not so perfect cake stories. Does this mean we are perfectionist? and is this normal?

We always see the imperfections that others can not see!


Julie Reid said...

I had a cake wreck myself tonight!! Much frustration!! This morning I made a 2 tier stacked fondant cake for my niece that turned out precious!!! And then this afternoon I was attempting my first 3 tier buttercream. It was a disaster to say the least! I really should have ordered your buttercream video (ugh!!) It's leaning, my buttercream isn't smooth, my flower colors aren't to my liking and the list goes on. I feel bad, the cake is for my husband's grandmother for her 85th birthday party. We have to travel 1.5 hrs with it tomorrow maybe I can use that as the excuse as to why it's leaning. (haha). But I did learn alot in the process, I learned that I would much rather work with fondant! It's so much easier!! Have a great trip to Texas!!

Janel Waters said...

*jumping up and down*!!!! YEA!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!

I cannot wait for this video - I think I might be addicted to SugarEd videos!! I might need to seek some kind of 12 step program or halfway house.

I hope you have a very good and safe weekend away!

Thank you again!!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

I've had my fair share of tears over these cakes too! Glad to know someone shares my pain!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I certainly have my own challenges. You inspire me to keep trying and to "not be to hard on" myself. I can't wait for your next DVD!

alexandrabill said...

I can't wait! I must say.. I will be excited when mine look like your wrecks, to say the least :) One woman's trash is another women's treasure =) hehe.

I can't wait for the new DVD!!

dai said...

Wow - I've gotta agree with "alexandrabill" here....I mean...the 1st one, ok, it's not perfect. The 2nd one - I can't even see what's wrong with it?! If that is a cake wreck then ALL my cakes are wrecks!

Alicia said...

Sharon - please tell us we are in for a surprise this week and can pre-order the new video!

Pretty please?!

fiddlesticks said...

Oh..If only any of my cakes looked as good as your wrecks!
I would be a happy camper!
But thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Oh, my...I think I have to go on the 12 step program with Janel. NAH - I'll just buy another DVD to feed my habit :)

Tracy Auseklis said...

I love your videos too! I can't wait for more secrets. I alsways find that the bulges come when I transport the cakes--cakes and cars are not BFFs! My cake on Sunday got a huge I am wondering...should I let it sit longer to let the fondant dry more (but then does it crack?)...oh, cake woes!

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