Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sharon teaching near Houston next weekend!

Don't forget I will be in Alvin (suburb of Houston), Texas (if I live through this week, LOL) next Sunday and Monday, May 3-4, for the Pearland Cake Society Day of Sharing and mini classes.

Please come see us. We have so much fun in our classes it borders on ridiculous!

I am driving all that way by myself; the least you all can do is meet me there! :)

Click here for more info!


Celia said...

I'm soo excited, i'll be there for sure!!

Sherry (sherry_lyn) said...

OMG by yourself... as in all ALONE!?! I'll say a prayer (or 50) that you get there & home again safely. :o)

The Caretaker said...

I had so much fun with your demo in Winnie and can't wait to see you again in Alvin on Sunday. I was the one sitting next to the man when you told him, "Boy, you look so enthralled!" It was hilarious. I'm with Pearland Cake Society so I'm excited to see you again.

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